The Fancy Mechanic


When traveling around Central America in a van, it is inevitable that you will spend some time at a mechanic shop here and there. Except for the part that it costs money, it can be an interesting experience. We pulled into the official VW dealer in San Jose to have them figure out why our engine light had come on – and off, since we had decided to head to the big city. The shop was the fanciest mechanical shop I have ever been to. Massive, clean and highly professional – pretty much the opposite of any other mechanical shop we have been to in Central America.


Honey was taken in and hooked up to their computer. The engine light was nothing to worry about. They checked and adjusted our breaks, changed our fuel filter and cleaned the outside of the van. All for $180.

Easy breezy! After the work was done it was already late in the afternoon and we had dinner plans with Kerensa and Martin in Heredia, just outside San Jose. We broke our rule of not driving in the dark, as San Jose is said to be one of the safest cities in Latin America, and went there with Honey. We had a great time together, chatting and indulging in super tasty tapas at a their local restaurant.

Tomorrow, we will resume where we left off on Saturday and go to the Central Pacific Coast!


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