The End of the Road


Our day started with a cup of freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee with an amazing view. As we were catching up on news from home, we realized funlovingliving was mentioned in my local newspaper!

Filled with pride and joy, we packed up our van, Honey, and headed for the local beach. We went out for a morning surf. It was small and fun! After getting out of the water, we rinsed our boards and bodies in a random, unmarked shower behind the police station. With Kyler behind the wheel and myself in shotgun position, we got back on the road. Our destination was the end of the road in the very Southern part of Costa Rica.


A to B, 220 km

The village of Pavones is famous for having the second longest left point break in the world. Hmmmm, I wonder why Kyler wanted to come here? It did not seem very far judging by the map. Google maps estimated a mere three hours for the entire journey. We therefore took our time and visited every nice beach along the way.


Playa Dominical, known for its fast and hollow wave


A look to the left

Pot holes, tight shoulders, climbs, descents, narrow bridges over croc-infected water, drastic changes in weather, dogs and an incredibly beautiful, yet distracting sunset extended the drive time excruciatingly! At more than one occasion, we got out of the van to measure the depth of water covering the road ahead. As we drove on cautiously, we stopped oncoming cars (all 4x4s!) to ask if they though we should continue or turn around. They all had faith in Honey, and hence, so did we!


The views keep on changing


Just a couple holes in the road, no big deal


Vista del cielo

The last test to enter Pavones: a very narrow bridge with no rail. We made it across. No food for the crocodiles today!


The last test, are we worthy of Pavones?

It was after dark when we finally rolled into the village. We checked into a local restaurant with rooms above and enjoyed a Costa Rican favorite, fish casado.


STOP – in the name of love (or at the end of the road)

We are excited to wake up and discover Pavones-by-Day! Good night!


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