A Worthy $35 Splurge


We splurged! It is Kyler’s big 3-0 birthday weekend. We have moved into the loveliest jungle cabin up on the hill for three nights. It is rediculously awesome! Our only neighbours are howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys and 250 species of birds including tucans and parrots. Two times a day, the monkeys come to eat the fruits of a nearby tree. We can watch the whole spectacle from the comfort of our hammocks on the balcony. They come in teams of about 20, fearlessly hopping from tree to tree. It is quite the sight!




Our days are spent with a morning surf/yoga/run – Choose your own adventure! Then, at about 8 am we have breakfast with glorious coffee. After re-charging in the hammocks, we venture out for round two of activities or a walk in town.

Pavones is a very relaxed, little village down at the end of a very isolated road. It has a main intersection consisting of one surf shop and one grocery store. Other than that Pavones has a school, a soccer field, a police hut and many places to stay. They are currently empty. The village swells up when wave is really working. We have met the one other family traveling here, and bump into them what seems like every hour. It really is a small place! Everytime you walk by someone, you are greeted with a smile and a time appropriate greeting. Koselig!


This afternoon, we went on a hike to the top of the hill behind our jungle cabin. The view was spectacular. Due to heavy rain all night the path was really muddy and we slid more than we walked back down.



There are several types of fruit trees surrounding our place. We picked oranges, bananas, star fruit and lime. The lime will go nicely with some 7 year Flor de Cana rum tonight. The oranges will make for some tasty, fresh orange juice in the morning and the star fruit will look good on top of banana pancakes for the big birthday breakfast tomorrow morning!



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