From Coast to Coast in One Day


Change in plans!

We decided to hop, skip and jump over to the Caribbean side in search for sunshine and blue skies. Our chosen destination: Bocas del Toro archipelago.

Bocas del Toro are islands located close to the border of Costa Rica and were discovered by Mr. Cristopher Colombus and his crew in 1502. There is no road connection to the island. In order to bring a car over one must catch the once-a-day-ferry at 8 am. The other option is to pay for parking ($3/day) on the mainland and get across on a smaller boat. We figured we would decide what to do after we got there. Meanwhile, the climb up and across Panama made for a beautiful drive with stunning scenery. It was very green, lush and wide angle views.

Playa las Lajas - Almirante 233 km

Playa las Lajas – Almirante 233 km

We had heard of a hostel called Lost and Found halfway there and figured it would be a good spot for lunch. Lost and Found prides themselves of being harder to reach since it is a 15 minute hike to get there. As an employee stated: “It weeds out the fucktards.” (Please excuse the language, not my words.) We thought there would be a cafe serving food at the hostel. As we got there we realized this was not the case. However, the Lost and Found crew were really nice and avoided a case of hangry (hungry+angry) by letting us buy groceries off them and use their kitchen. Voila – and we had spaghetti for lunch! After the hike back to Honey, we saw two Dutch girls waiting for the bus. We offered them a lift. They very happily accepted and hopped in!


As we reached Almirante, we soon discovered it was not the type of place we would like to spend the night waiting for the morning ferry. It was a rather sad place with garbage here, there and everywhere. Being a port town and somewhat of a border town it unfortunately gave you the feeling of wanting to leave. We made a tough decision of leaving Honey on dry land (tear!) and scoot over as a team of two. Hopefully everything is fine – Knock on wood!

So, here we are! Funlovingliving Island Style. Stay tuned!


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