Christmas Came to Town


Friday night was the night that kicked Christmas into to town. A major Christmas prep celebration got everybody and their dog out. There was music being played and santa hats and bunny ears (I didn’t quite get this one) for sale. Some had lights on them, some were covered in glitter, some a little of both. Kyler got a Christmas hat with the usual white fuzzy rim, then imagine a spring going up in the shape of a Christmas tree with a little ball at the end. It was a hit with the kids who would sneak up behind him and either 1) Hit the ball so that the spring would dance back and fourth or 2) Push the ball down so that the whole spring would bounce back up. Cheap and fun entertainment. Also, the hat made Kyler so insanely tall so that his hat would hook on to anything and especially made him stand out in the popcorn line up! Very funny. See photo below.



Oh, and then later than late, was the grand parade! I will describe some of the floats: Santa on top of a car throwing candy all around. Next to him is a fairly massive foam statue/picture of The Little Mermaid covered in glitter. Another one was a pick up truck with a cage on the back. In the cage were several kids dressed up as disciples and between them was a live calf! Of course, there was! Another one was a car covered in Christmas decorations and balloons pulling a trailer with more decos and five clowns on it! Another one was a car decorated with Angry Birds. They love them! Aaah, it was just hilarious. Look closely at the photos below and you will see.



The Christmas season has been inaugurated! It is all quite different from the Christmas’ we are used to from the cold, snow-clad North, but the joy and happiness of the season is no less apparent!



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