Christmas in Bocas


Being away from home on Christmas makes for a different one. First of all, it is hot here, as opposed to the below freezing temperatures in our native countries of Norway and Canada. Second, we do not have a kitchen to cook up traditional Christmas meals. And last, we are far away from friends and family. It was not the usual Christmas, but it was a good one anyways.

Bocas Town really got geared up for the holiday season a couple weeks ago with a grand Christmas parade and fireworks. Since then, the festivites got toned down and the crib on display in the central park was empty in anticipation for the arriving baby Jesus. Unfortunately it had been raining for days leading up to Christmas. The decorations in the park were luckily wrapped in plastic for protection. It was not their first display!

Christmas decos Bocas park

The rain made our 9$/night room rather damp and when we woke up on December 24th, we did not say it at first, but we both knew we were thinking of the coziness of a warm house, a fireplace, friends and family from home. Santa (aka. Kyler) proceeded to surprise us with the very welcomed surprise of one night at a nearby hotel!


So Fresh and So Clean for Christmas

Room with a View

Room with a View

In Norway, the big Christmas celebrations all take place on Christmas Eve, the 24th. We had a wonderful day, in spite of the rain. We went to yoga and had a wine-lunch on our private balcony in the day. At night, we went out to an Italian restaurant serving homemade pasta and fresh fish. After dinner, we had drinks and gift exchanges at our lovely balcony. Kyler (aka. Santa) surprised me with a Kindle! I will never carry 35 books when traveling ever again!

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Eve Pressy Time

Christmas Eve Prezzy Time

Just like Canadian kids, we woke up early the next morning for our stockings! We did not have our real stockings with us, but Kyler’s tennis socks made do. Yes, they were clean! It was a peaceful morning in the rain. We ran out to get coffee and wonderful breakfast sandwiches and enjoyed the last of our little vacation from our vacation on the balcony.

Alternative Travel Stockings

Alternative Travel Stockings

At night we met up with our friends, Jasper from Australia and Cheche from El Salvador. We met and got to know eachother a while ago in El Tunco, El Salvador and randomly met again in Bocas! Earlier in the day, Kyler and I had bought a full chicken (somewhat similar to that of a turkey..) However, they only had ham-flavoured chicken and we all agreed, it was weird! Cheche had made wonderful mashed potato, gravy and salad.

Chef Cheche

Chef Cheche

Four other friends joined in on the festivities and it suddenly felt like Christmas! Great food, friends and all the time in the world! What more can a person wish for?

We checked, and yes, Baby Jesus arrived. (I wonder who kept him for the past month!)

Baby Jesus arrived at the central park display

Baby Jesus arrived at the central park display


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