Back On The Road!


Day one at the mechanics was spent entirely at the VW dealership. We played Sudoku, read, watched, went for lunch and repeat. In the end they decided they needed some external help for the fix. We packed up the essentials, aka. ten kilos of laundry, and went to a hostel in town and did laundry all evening.




We showed up at the VW dealer the next morning at 8 am hoping Honey would be fixed and back on the road in time to greet our friends Ellie and Todd at the airport in Panama City. The clock tick-tocked and we realized that we would not make it in time.

At 2 pm, Honey was fixed! With $90 less in our wallet, we hit the road with the intention of driving as far as possible until it got dark. When it got dark, the roads were so good we decided to keep going all the way!
Our goal for the past few months, the Panama Canal was crossed in the dark.


Around 9 pm we rolled into our designated meeting point, Villa Michelle, our home for the next few days. Ellie and Todd were there, the funlovingliving team just got two new members! Yay!


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