A Very Little Horseback Ride


For a change in scenery, activities and climate, we drove from the coast to the mountain village of Santa Fe.

We have been wanting to ride horses for a while. When we arrived at our hostel in Santa Fe, Hostal Qhia, we read that tour guide Cesar offered to take people on rides in the area. The tourist information folder stated that Cesar is a little man, and so are his horses. If you are very tall, or very big, this might not be the trip for you. With two Western sized men in our group, we had to make sure whether or not this applied to us. When asked, we were told we would be good to go, and so we did!

At nine am sharp, little Cesar arrived at our hostel with five horses in tow. Three of the horses could be considered small to medium sized. I got little Canelo. Definetely a x-small to small size horse. I felt bad for just getting on top of little Canelo, let alone knowing that he would have to haul me around for the next four hours. Kyler’s horse, Chocolate, was not keen (in general) and at times we wondered whether Chocolate should have been riding Kyler in stead of the opposite. Todd was given the horse in charge, Campion. He mostly kept a steady pace and would lead the troops. Ellie’s horse was Carolina. As it turned out, Canelo and Carolina were the slow and steady ones.
The trip took us up close to the peak of Mount Tuto overlooking Santa Fe. The path went up and down and up and down. It is a stunning area with mountain tops and lush nature all around.

Santa Fe little horse ride

Santa Fe Kyler crushing horse

Todd on a horse

Santa Fe Kyler Todd horses

Santa Fe Siri lost her horseLooks like Canelo ran away from me. If it was not Cesar tightening Canelo’s saddle while holding on to him, he might have given it a try…

Santa Fe horseback riding

Santa Fe horseback riding Ellie Todd

Santa Fe horses Siri posing

Santa Fe horse charging down the hill

As we were getting close to town, the horses found some energy deep within. They could not wait to finish! Chocolate, in particular, could not wait to get Kyler off his back and galloped back to our hostel. It was a great day. We all survived, including Canelo, Campion, Chocolate and Carolina. Now, we are all a little saddle sore, but some jell-o and hammock time cure most ailments!

Horseride jello

Santa Fe after horseride


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