Destination: Waterfall, The Panamanian Highland


From fun in the sun at Playa Venao for the past week, we decided to head for the hills. Santa Fe is a smaller mountain village boasting stunning nature, hikes and a cooler climate. The drive was a mere 233 km North.

Playa Venao Santa Fe map

Cowboy and cattle on road

Kids in the backseat

Mountain road

In order to really see the area, we decided to go on a medium length (5-6 hrs) hike through nature and a few villages. The ultimate destination was a waterfall called Bermejo. It can be viewed at the very top of the Santa Fe map below. The area is off the main tourist trail and we were therefore four out of very few visitors in town. On our hike we only met locals, and they are as friendly as can be!

Santa Fe map

Siri Ellie hike

Ellie mud crossing

Cascada Bermejo was a beautiful waterfall with several smaller pools below. The water was definitely what can be considered frisk, but made for a refreshing dip after hiking in the sun. Kyler and Todd explored what could be explored, including scaling down a cliff with a bat flying between Todd’s legs at the end!

Kyler Todd monkey business

Siri Todd Kyler testing the depth

Siri Ellie laxin

Santa Fe hike view

Plants close up

Hike horses

Panama house

A lone star

Flowers close up

On our way back to Santa Fe, we met these two kids who really wanted our attention. First, they showed us a dead snake in the stream by the road. When we had looked at that for a while, you could tell they were trying to think of something else to show and tell us about. Oh, look at the chicken guts over here! We came and we saw, before we said our goodbyes and continued on.

Looking at

The road back was very hilly. We slalomed down the hills for a while.
Towards the end, the hills were so steep we walked backwards. It helped!

Last hill to Santa Fe

As we arrive in Santa Fe, we found the one and only bar in town and had one, two, three, four well deserved beers. Not bad when the beers are 65 cents each! Cheers!

Deserved beers


One thought on “Destination: Waterfall, The Panamanian Highland

  1. Claire

    Haha is ellie not the slowest hiker EVeR?!?! I know it’s her knee and all but she slow! Hehe

    Is the same bugalow you stayed in for kylers birthday or does it just look similar???

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