Boquete Flower & Coffee (+ free vodka) Festival


With a stop and a night in Santa Catalina on the coast, we continued on to Boquete in the highlands. Boquete’s claim to fame is its stunning nature, exquisite coffee and outdoor activities, as well it’s numerous North American and European retirees. The climate is cooler than most other parts of Panama, making it a rather exotic destination for Panamanians. They come to Boquete to sport their winter apparel and buy gloves and fancy toques. However, Norwegians and Canadians would agree that Boquete’s climate does not qualify as glove weather!

We sort of rushed to Boquete to make it in time for the annual Flower and Coffee festival in town. We rolled in on Saturday afternoon and went straight to the festival area, where we mingled among flowers and drank some coffee.

Siri pink jacket

Siri Kyler pina drink

Siri Kyler Todd view tower

As we got deeper into the festival area, we saw a big structure ahead. It was quite obviously a Latin American portable club blasting the tunes. Out of curiosity (and the fact that it was free), we peeked in. What was inside was a massive, daytime dance party! Some drink producer was promoting their new invention and was quite literally throwing the drinks at us! For free! Yay! At 7pm the party was over, we had drank our share of pre-mixed cranberry vodka vodka and were invited to continue the party with a group of our new friends from David. With 80 free cans in tow, we found the closest agreeable spot to hang out. Somebody rounded up glasses and Kyler went and got two bags of ice, and the party continued. We tried our best to keep up, but around 9pm, we were obviously no match for the Panamanians! After some meat on a stick, we called it a good day and returned to Casa Honey.

party time

Siri Ellie at the party

Group shot


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