You Wouldn’t See This At Home:



We left Dominical around 11am, after a run and breakfast. The drive to Manuel Antonio, where we are now, was not far. Only about 42 km lies between the the coastal towns. Manuel Antonio is incredibly hilly. It is one of those hills where you encouragingly pat the dash of your vehicle to show you care (and really hope to make it to the top).

After pulling into our hostel for the next couple of nights, I was happy Honeyvan’s work was done. When we headed to the beach, we decided to give Honey a break and hop on the local bus. Due to our surfboards, two buses refused us. We realized we would have to get a cab. When this little taxi showed up, we did not consider it fit for the task. Five people and two boards later, we were on our way!


2 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t See This At Home:

  1. B-rent

    COSTA RICA! Okay, buy my careful calculations and studying of the lighted globe of Mopelia, the fact that you are once again in CR means that you are generally headed back this direction! Tunco needs you guys! Okay, well so do Gilles and I, but the vibe here could use a funlovingliving boost!
    much love K and S!

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