Costa Rican Beach Life and a Drive to San Jose


On the weekends, the Costa Ricans really come out and enjoy everything there is to enjoy about a beautiful beach. They roll in, like a boss, onto the beach in their swanky 4×4 vehicles. Then, they turn up the tunes to immediately set the mood and claim their immediate area. A whole family plus some extended relatives exit the vehicle, before emptying the trunk of all the essential beach gear. This is including, but not limited to: Coolers filled to the rim with beers, sodas, ice cubes, rum and mix. Inflatable mattresses, rings, whales. Bikinis, sarongs, speedos. Chairs, hammocks, pillows. Full meals: meat, chicken, rice, beans, pasta salads, fried plantains, chips, salsa, tortillas. The list goes on. On our drive from Manuel Antonio to San Jose, we stopped at Esterillo Beach and soaked it up. Just another beautiful day!

Life guard tower

Boats on Beach

Volleyball net


Pattern in Sand

Tropical Oasis

Kyler to Surf

Kyler surfing

Im on a Boat

As we continued our drive to San Jose, it was noticeable that many drivers were not focused like they should be. Traffic towards the capital was plentiful and we were in a horde of weekend beach-goers returning to the big city. After a day (or weekend) of drinking and enjoying themselves (no drink and driving for us!), driving seemed challenging to many. Perhaps that is why the entire main divided highway – both directions – were dedicated to the beach-goers returning to San Jose that Sunday evening? …we were not sure what was happening and decided to stay on the right side of the road – you know, just in case!

Traffic in one direction


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