Back to Caribbean Style


After many months on the road, several friends and family who have been waiting for an excuse to come to Central America have asked us: “When is the Honeymoon-part of your Honeymoon over?” indicating they don’t want to crash our Honeymoon, but would like to visit. We always reply: “Our Honeymoon will never be over, it’ll last for the rest of our lives, but you are welcome to join us!” So, as you know, our wonderful friends, Ellie and Todd, have been traveling with us for the past four weeks and on Sunday we met up with Kyler’s mom, Arlene, who flew in from the cold, white north (Calgary, Canada) to join us for a week.

Monday morning, we left the Costa Rican capital and drove to the Caribbean coast, to the little village and popular traveler’s destination of Puerto Viejo. The drive took us a little over five hours, including a lunch stop at a local soda (the name of road side restaurants serving local cousine). We all had a typical Costa Rican casado, which is some sort of meat, chicken or fish with rice, beans and other sides, usually fried plaintains, cabbage or a salad. They are usually your safe bet – not overly exciting, but always a solid meal.

San Jose Puerto Viejo map

Being a group of five, we had pre-booked a cabin outside Puerto Viejo, to make sure we would have a place to stay. The cabin is most definitely what can be considered rustic, but has an outdoor kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower and two bed rooms – way beyond the standard of many places Kyler and I have stayed in the past! We are only about 150 meters away from the beach, and surrounded by palm trees and all their wild life. At night, we can hear the howler monkeys near and far, along with the waves crushing as they hit the sand.

Cabin eveing

The cabin is frequently visited by various bugs and geckos. This bug is rather impressive! Good thing we all have insect nets we sleep under!

cabin insect animal

Spider web

We have rented bikes for the next few days. It is flat and easy to move around here. We biked 8 km to the end of the road, to the village of Manzanillo to a soda for lunch. Guess what we had? Yup, you guessed it – a casado!

Manzanillo lunch

the honeymooners

Soda Manzanillo


2 thoughts on “Back to Caribbean Style

  1. I think I spent a few days there. Probably can’t get the bus to Tortuguero? That was my favorite on the east side. Looks like you are having fun. Make sure you look me up when you get to Fairbanks. Cheers!

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