Manzanillo Adventure Tour


When we arrived at our cabin for the week, we found a flyer advertising a four hour intense adventure tour. Hiking, snorkeling and kayaking in a matter of four hours! We signed right up!

We started the Saturday morning by biking the 8 km to Manzanillo, where the tour was to take place. Sergio, our guide, met us and warned us that this would be a workout! The bike ride was a good warm up (and wake up) to get us going.

Hiking was number one on the schedule. We were taken through Manzanillo wildlife refuge – a beautiful, natural area. The highlight of the hike was a cave that Sergio took us to. It was fairly difficult to enter the cave, as waves were splashing, rocks were slippery and a reasonable gap had to be traversed. The cave was approximately 10x10m complete with a hole to the sky above, a hole to the water beneath and bats hanging out sleeping.

manzanillo adventure tour1

manzanillo adventure tour2

manzanillo wildlife refuge1

manzanillo wildlife refuge

manzanillo adventure tour4

manzanillo adventure tour5

manzanillo adventure tour3

We continued to the beach, where snorkeling was up next! I am known to be a fast walker. I like to get places. Sergio likes it even more! He is quick. In between events, he would walk to get an extra kayak, before paddling it over to us and returning it right after. He would always be a few steps ahead, always keen. We had some really fun, intense four hours, before biking back to our cabin, where we could enjoy the pleasure of hammocks and Caribbean life – Tranquilo!

manzanillo adventure tour7

manzanillo adventure tour8


3 thoughts on “Manzanillo Adventure Tour

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    The images of the rock off the coast remind me of the walk Ellie and I did at Nicki and Hugh’s farm N. of Gisborne in NZ. Cook’s Bay? I forget the name, but the description of the coast and cave sound very similar. Hope you get to do the insect tour – they are amazing creatures, especially in the tropics.

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