Sloth in The Restaurant


I never ever thought we would be hanging out with a sloth in a restaurant in Costa Rica, but we were! Cool as ice cream and chilled like beer, it sloooowly made its way down the tree. Is it real? Sure was!



3 thoughts on “Sloth in The Restaurant

  1. Isn’t Costa Rica great ! My husband has had monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and several different species of birds in his open-air classroom in Guanacaste. We have geckos in our apt., and I love them…they eat all the bugs. But, they do make a loud, laughing noise at the weirdest moments, it seems.

  2. Capt. Richard Barone

    Buena Vibra,,but always good te exercise caution as any good wildlife handler here knows. The sloth only appears slow, it can move surprisingly fast and slash with its razor sharp claws. They apparently come down only to defecate but other evidence suggest it involves regular menstruation markings and a complex mating ritual. Heres a cool blog I just found about it.

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