Last of the Caribbean – Really!


As I mentioned earlier, we are now traveling with my dad and his girlfriend, Bente. They have almost four weeks to spend in Costa Rica, so we figured we wanted to show them both coast. This past week in the Puerto Viejo area was nothing but great! The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was hot and we were all happy. We stayed at the same place as we did the week before – Cabinas Yemanya. Due to late booking, we had to move around a bit. Nobody complained and Kyler and I were happy to sleep in Honey a couple nights.

The days were (mostly) spent in active ways. We went hiking, biking, surfing and swimming. With the beautiful weather, the true blue Caribbean color came out. Many different shades of it. The water is absolutely crystal clear and a wonderful temperature. The sand is hot and the beaches close to deserted. Did anybody say paradise?


Since we had already spent a week in the area, we knew where to take our guests! We biked to Manzanillo and went on the adventure hike we did with Sergio a week earlier.

Balancing Act

Out of cave

The hike involves getting across this gap to get to the final destination – the cave!

Siri Strong

In between, I was busy holding up a rock. It sure was heavy!


Cold coconut water (pipa fria, as it is called) never tastes better than right after a hike!


Sleeping monkey

If you want to chill, just claim you palm like this guy.

Caribbean blue

Siri pappa beach


So, we smiled! In the evenings, we have been treated to some delicious food and drink. Not an everyday occasion in a traveler’s life. After dinner one night, we invited family and friends over for wine in Honey’s living room. Isn’t it cozy?

Van night


One thought on “Last of the Caribbean – Really!

  1. Brayand

    I hope u guys r having lots of more great days in Costa Rica and i love the blog, check u guys later. I’m on my way back. Chao. Have fun.

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