Radical Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica


Kyler turned 30 in December and as a birthday present to him (and to me!) my dad and Bente took us whitewater rafting on the Upper Balsa River not far from La Fortuna. For years I have avoided going rafting because I have been scared. I love most adventures, so I cannot say exactly why rafting has seemed scary to me – but it has. We had decided to go, but debated whether to go on a half-day II/III river or a full-day III/IV/V river. After a little back and forth, we were all keen on the latter. Go hard or go home!

In the bus on our way to the river I felt butterflies in my stomach, but after we got going I did not have time to think about it. You have to focus, work hard and go with the flow – quite literary. Whitewater rafting is completely awesome!




Our guide, Stanley gave us instructions before we got going. Paddle forward, paddle back, lean in, sit down etc. In addition to Kyler, my dad, Bente and myself, we picked up a Canadian fighter to join our team. Chad and Kyler worked hard in the front row! As we got more confident and used to the rapids, we worked really well together and had a really fun time! The Upper Balsa River was quite intense with one rapid after another like pearls on a necklace. This one below was particularly heart throbbing. Watch Stanley buckle over in the last couple photos of the series!






 Rafting was fun, intense, fast, wet and exciting. My fear is gone and I would do it again – and again – and again! Yay!



2 thoughts on “Radical Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica

  1. Kelty Germain

    Wow- you are two wild and crazy fun loving people- its so great to see you having such fun- this will go down in history books as the best honeymoon ever- we are so proud of you guys for following your hearts and your dreams- and challenging the norm- keep having a blast and being awesome….bigtime 🙂
    lots of love- kelt and jus

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