Some Fine Hospitality!


About a week ago, we met Austin and Ryan at the brewery by Lake Arenal. They had just moved to Costa Rica and invited us to come stay with them in Tamarindo on our way North. An intense round of “ti tusen” (I promise to let you in on the rules of this very exciting dice game later) along with multiple rounds of “thunder water,” did not make them back down on their kind offer.

After dropping off my dad and Bente for a kayak adventure, we picked up our friends Stine and Fredrik. They flew in from Norway to join us on the road from Costa Rica to El Salvador. That means we will be hanging out for the next couple weeks – fun fun fun!

The four of us rolled into Tamarindo and met up with the iron woman Austin and the soon-to-be iron man Ryan. The six of us have had a great time together, including today’s Sunday Funday on the beach! Surfboards, frisbee, smashball, books, music and beers, all the ingredients for a great day at the beach.



After a beautiful sunset, dinner and some local rodeo on tv, we all had an early night, saving up energy for the Nicaraguan border crossing por la mañana!



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