A Long-Time Favourite: Ti tusen


The dice game ti tusen, is a long time favourite of ours and our fellow travellers. You need six dice, one or more friends, a bit of time and the desire to have fun! Beware, the game can be hard to understand at first, but when you get it, you got it!


How to play:
You roll six dice. One five gives 50 points and one one gives 100 points. Three ones give 1000 points, three twos give 200 points, three threes give 300 points, three fours give 400 points, three fives give 500 points and three sixes give 600 points. Each extra die beyond three of a kind, double the points. Four threes will for example give 600 points. Two triplets or three pairs give 1500 points. Straight from 1-6 give 2000 points.

As long as you keep scoring points, you can keep going. At least one scoring die must be put aside each time. If all six dice score, one can toss all six again and build on the score. The only catch is, if you ever roll a non-scoring roll, all points in that round are lost!

In order to start one must score at least 1000 in one round. After reaching 1000 one can stop at any point and then record the achieved score.

In order to win, one must get to exactly 10 000 (ti tusen in Norwegian). If dies tossed take the score to above 10 000, one must wait to the next turn to try again.


Extra (optional) rules:
If a die is knocked over when moved, it is out of the round. If a die is rolled off the table, it is out of the round. Fifty must be pronounced fiddy, hundred is hundo, thousand is tusen. Whoever is last, must wear the muque (the mask-tuque, a traveling companion since 2008) – this one is particularly tough in 35 degree Celsius surroundings!




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