A Day in the Life


In October-November last year, we spent about a month at Hotel Mopelia in El Tunco. We got to know people and where to be. We got a routine – sort of – and generally just had a great time. After touring down to Panama, we are back in El Tunco and have quickly acquired the same routine again.

Everyday, early:
We wake up to sunlight shining through, under and over the door and between the window shutters. Birds are singing and the waves are crashing in the faint distance. A slight stretch as we open the door and wish the day welcome.


We proceed over to the Mopelia restaurant where we enjoy a big cup of freshly brewed coffee and some breakfast. People come and go. We converse, hang out and ease into the day before taking on various activities such as surfing, yoga, pilates, running, sunbathing, swimming or walking on the beach. If you see somebody you know, you stop and talk.


Everyday, mid-day:
The sun is high on the sky and it is hot – the hammocks are calling. Then the pool, then the hammocks. Repeat. Lunch is had at one of El Tunco’s various lunch spots. A usual lunch is $3 burritos or chicken with rice.



Everyday, late afternoon:
We read, go swimming, talk and walk around El Tunco. As the end of the day nears, we all gather on the rock wall and watch the magnificent sunsets and tell the sun “Seeya tomorrow!”


Variations in our routine involve going to nearby La Libertad for groceries, Monday night is Mopelia mini ping pong championships, Wednesday is bingo night and Thursday night is guest playlist night. The clock here says it is Thursday, so we have been working on putting together a playlist that represent Siri Ann Kyler funlovingliving!

Vive Hoy!




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