Now We Are Really Driving North!


This morning, we left our beloved Central American pearl, Playa El Tunco (and Hotel Mopelia)…


…and hit the road, like for real this time! On the 16th of March, we have a flight to catch in Monterrey in Northern Mexico over to Baja California. In La Paz, we will visit Kyler’s dad at his sail boat for a few days. Then we will fly back to Monterrey and make it up to Canada for a stag party and a wedding in the end of the month!


Minus the lack of lunch options and a temporarily hangry (hungry+angry) Kyler, day 1 of the mission went very well. (Thank you, Pollo Campero!) Just like planned, we made it over the border from El Salvador to Guatemala and mostly through it.


Around sundown, we pulled into a formerly fancy hotel just outside of Mazatenango, where we are enjoying our Saturday night date with ice tea and homemade chicken meals. Good night!




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