From a Formerly Fancy Guatemalan Hotel to a Never Fancy Mexican Truck Stop


What a diverse drive!


Our drive started at the crack of dawn in the self-proclaimed capitol of the world, Retalhuleu. Leaving Guatemala was a breeze for both us and Honey! Entering Mexico was a slightly different story, but went well. Mexico has a red light/green light system for which vehicles get searched. The red light flashed on us and Honey got a strip search!

The military presence was blatantly clear right away in Mexico. Within only a few hours of the border, we crossed over ten heavily armed military and national police check points. In contrast to our drive in 2007, the interactions with the police and military now feel safe, as they always operate in large groups and have much bigger fish to fry. They are very friendly and their presence makes our drive much safer and thus much more enjoyable.



The drive was beautiful with a diversity of landscapes and people to take in.


We broke up the drive with some delicious Mexican street tacos and Cocalitos (little Cokes). It is always special to stop in little places where very little (or no) tourism exists. It makes us instant rock stars! …not a bad feeling for a little while.



An hour before the sun would set, we started looking for a safe place for the night. Not having plans for where we will stay is both exciting and slightly nerve-wracking. Suddenly, a huge truck stop appeared in the middle of nowhere. We asked the guard if it was safe to spend the night with the trucks. “Si, es seguro!” So we made like truckers; ate a massive meal, swore a bunch, did not shower and went to sleep!



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