Food for Fuel


“Stop the pump!”, Siri exclaims while pulling our flimsy wallet open. We only have 150 Quetzales and the gas pump reads 180. We ask the two older ladies working at this somewhat legitimate gas station if they take credit card. “No, solo efectivo”.

Honey, we have a problem! The equivalent of about 4 dollars short with nothing similar to an ATM within miles of this mountain “town”. Hmmm, think. Much to the old ladies amusement and excitement we crack open our chest of western food. The cooler glows with canned soup, noodle packets, pasta sauce and packaged spaghetti. We work out what we all consider to be 30 quetzals worth and it is a done deal.


Gas stations are often unavailable for long distances in rural Guatemala. Have no fear though, local entrepreneurs have started slightly sketchy business ventures alongside the road. 28 Quetzales for that jug. Maybe these guys take credit card?



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