Puebla to San Luis Potosi


We hopped in Honey in the early mornin’ and hit the road. “I choo-choo-choose to stop here!” Kyler says cheerfully while pulling into the railroad themed restaurant along the highway.


Somebody invested a lot of money and time to make La Estacion look as awesome as it does. With several trains, cute little railroad uniforms, lots of height under the ceiling, incredible bathrooms and real hearty food, this random Mexican highway stop proved to be, in spite of stunning landscapes, the highlight of our day.



The toll highways in Mexico are excellent and we have been cruising faster than expected. By mid-afternoon, we were in San Luis Potosí and got a chance to check out another colonial city on our route. Lovely.


This time, the hotel was cheap, but not the cheapest, and we had a peaceful sleep, a little work out and free brekky in the morning. Back on the road!

Honey was happy to be lowered down from her secure over-night parking spot.



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