Modern Monterrey


The last bit of driving from San Luis Potosí to Monterrey, went by quick and easy. The roads were great through the vast landscape on the grand plateau, which was rough and tough. After almost half a year, we are no longer in the tropics. With a steep drop of more than a thousand meters we approached modern Monterrey, our destination for a few days, before flying over to Baja California on Saturday.



Monterrey, one of the most prosperous cities in Mexico, has been a great place to spend a couple days. We have been fortunate to stay with our friends Ronny and Aly, while taking care of car stuff, hanging out, sightseeing and learning what life in Monterrey is like.


To outsiders, Monterrey might be mostly known as a Northern Mexico city that has been affected by the ongoing drug war. Several incidents have left its mark, but Monterrey’s citizens refuse to have it change their lives. Compared to many other parts of Mexico, Monterrey is very Western and enjoy good infrastructure and all pleasures that come in form of food, drinks and shopping, as well as activities such as hiking and mountaineering. The city is surrounded by mountains, making a beautiful backdrop of any photo. People are friendly and happy (like most Mexicans!) and seem to live full and meaningful lives.




We completed a great stay with a legitimate carne asada at Ronny and Aly’s house last night. They invited their friends over, got the BBQ going and six kilos of pure Northern Mexico high quality meat was cooked to perfection. A bit of salsa, perhaps a tortilla, good conversations, a Mexican beer or two and the night was over before we knew it!



2 thoughts on “Modern Monterrey

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    I love that you are portraying a Mexico that is ‘normal’ and so different from the media image of violence. Mexico ought to provide Honey with free fuel and name you tourist ambassadors.

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