We are on a Boat!


How strange to be flying after 7 months as land crabs! We parked our dear Honey at the Monterrey airport and hopped on a plane to Tijuana and from there another flight to La Paz.


All of a sudden, we are right into the world of sailing. La Paz is located on the Southern part of the Baja California peninsula. It’s a favorite Mexican tourist destination, whereas most foreigners (aka the Kardashians) go to nearby Cabo San Lucas on the tip. The Sea of Cortez is known for its clear waters and rich marine life. It is popular with sailers, as it has good marinas and several spots to tie up in the nearby area, convenient for sailers in training.


Lance, Kyler’s dad, has a 40 foot sail boat at Palmar, one of La Paz’ marinas. He has been staying here a couple winters, learning the ropes. All around are people going on small day trips in the Sea of Cortez, or people preparing for bigger trips to Hawaii, Fiji or New Zealand. There is a Swedish boat in the harbor as well as multiple boats from Canada and the US. On top of that, you have the yachts. The heir to some big company (or so we believe) is here on a massive yacht with a big crew and toys (jets, water skies, wakeboard, diving gear and more) coming out of its yin yang. Other people live very frugal lives to afford to be on their boat. All in all, living the boat life makes for some interesting characters!


Today, we were taken to the local sailers’ Sunday swap meet. Some stuff is traded, along with great stories, sharing of knowledge and general chatting. It is very inspiring being amongst people who share the same passion and lifestyle.



Tomorrow morning, Landon (Kyler’s brother) is coming to join us for a couple days out on the big blue. Tonight, we are going to the circus! More on that later… Yayayay, this is all so much fun!



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