Mexican Circus


While we were in La Paz, so was the circus! I have not been to the circus since I was a little girl, and then only to a Norwegian circus. I was excited to see what differences there were between a Norwegian one and a Mexican one!


I expected a clown or two, people swinging in the air, some juggling, intense music and proud and practiced bows with arms stretched out, as the performance came to it’s finale.

What I did not expect was a childrens’ dance competition to Gangnam Style, a Harlem Shake, a Michael Jackson impersonator, a Tarzan/Chippendales performance in the ropes with only a little piece of fabric between us and his privates, a seal kissing its master, a tiger photo op in the intermission, as well as six raging tigers and the one and only Nickitta in charge of them while dancing to funky Mexican tunes. Ohhlalala, you gotta love it!


Speaking of circuses (circii?), I have just finished reading “Water for Elephants.” It is a story set in America’s 1930s circus world. The intrigues and dramas are plentiful and the book is very well written. Highly recommended!


3 thoughts on “Mexican Circus

  1. Chantal

    What?!? No wrestling chicka’s??? Entirely disappointing, they definitely deserved a guest appearance ! Albeit is a very short one.

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