What Just Happened? -It is Winter!!


Look where we have been over the past 2 days!


We left Monterrey early in the morning 2 days ago and got to the border at Nuevo Laredo around 11 am. Everything went well and quickly with the car, but because I am Norwegian I had to fill out a so-called I-94W form. In order to do this I had to wait in a loooong line with lots of friendly Mexicans. Kyler, as a Canadian could cruise straight through, but he kindly waited with me.

Since then, we spent an evening in Austin, the capitol city of Texas. What a surprise! We got out of our black and grey border crossing attire and put on – wait for it – fancy clothing (including a shiny top and high heels)! The city was filled to the brim with students out for a good time. 6th street was a happening place to be with great bars, live music and friendly people all around. Right after midnight, we got back in the van and drove to our accommodation of choice – The Walmart.


Since Austin, the drive through Texas has been plain, quite literally. We have been enjoying ourselves though, with tunes and good company in the van. One observation: the roads, the meals, the fields, the cars, the people… Everything is BIG in Texas!



Gradually (but still too fast) it has become really cold outside. Last night, we (luckily) remembered we had to empty out the water tank in Honey, so that it would not freeze. Between yesterday and today, we also stopped and got new tires, changed the oil and the brakes…

… and good thing we did, because we have been making a mile and are now in Colorado! The weather is crazy and we have seen about 30 trucks and cars flipped, crashed and/or off the road within a few hours. What a change from a few days ago.


As soon as our brakes are done, we will get back on the road and go to Dillon. Our friend, Ben, who we met in El Salvador in November has a place in the Colorado Rockies, so we will be getting after it in the mountains for the next couple days. Yay and Brrrrr!


3 thoughts on “What Just Happened? -It is Winter!!

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    Terry and I are off to Nebraska and Colorado tomorrow (Sunday) – going into the snowstorm and cold as well…. We packed out toe warmers and will be looking for you tootling down the road….

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