Skiing in the Colorado Rockies


Just before dark, we arrived at our friend Ben’s condo in Dillon, Colorado. We were welcomed in with great hospitality by Ben, his brother Max and their friend Jennie. We had a fun night with a board game, tacos and rum. Good times!



In the morning the gang made delicious breakfast, while Kyler and I went out to get essentials to survive winter. We bought a pair of mittens each. When we left Canada in august last year, winter clothing was about the last thing we thought to pack. Only a few days ago, we came up from the tropics with the van full of summer gear and two surfboards. None of which will do much good for us in the midst of winter… Ben and Jennie helped us out with jackets, snow pants and goggles, other than that we have been layering up to the best of our extent. The next couple weeks will be spent in the Canadian Rockies, so it is safe to say we will need some more clothes. It is really, really cold! Geared up and ready to go, we headed for the hills. Ben has been skiing 50 or so days this season and know the area very well. He took us up to Copper Mountain, which is a big ski resort not far from his condo. All the snow that hit us on the drive yesterday, made the day great – There was lots of snow on the hill!




We had a short, yet awesome stay in the Colorado Rockies! Now, we will be continuing on our mission to go North. The plan is to be in Fernie, British Colombia on Thursday. Road tripping – here we come!


5 thoughts on “Skiing in the Colorado Rockies


    WHat the What?! Skiing…? that is the only word in the english language that has two i´s in a row…. therefore surfing is way better. You are missing perfect waves in Sunzal and the obsurd nature of Semana Santa- Tunco style. You can just imagine how much sand is leaving the beach plastered to peoples bodies. I can´t believe your skiing, you were just here a minute ago! miss you guys.

    • I know! It is craaazy to suddenly be right in the middle of winter – and skiing! Would love to be teleported to El Tunco for Semana Santa and everything it brings with it! We miss you too and can’t wait to catch up soon!

  2. ekobyrne

    Whoever that is in the upper right corner looks especially disgusting! Glad to see the muque is back in its native environment. It was probably sick of the sweaty faces of ti tusen losers.

    Have you found any good American thrift stores yet?

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