Moab – Spectacular!


In one day, one can travel between climates and landscapes as different as apples and oranges. We started out in crispy and beautiful Rocky Mountain weather. It had stopped snowing, which allowed us to see our surroundings! Highway I-70 took us West across the mountain range. We had heard that Aspen was nice this time of year, but decided it was too far out of our way to justify the detour.


As we cruised West and down in elevation, the snow disappeared and the temperature went up. The toques and snow boots got replaced by cowboy hats and leather boots, as we had a lunch (Daily Sammy and Soup Combo) at the local diner in Rifle, USA.

IMG_6848[1]The fun thing about road tripping is that you never know what you are gonna get. Beer tasting? – Sure! Suds Bros. Brewery in Fruita, Colorado has brewed up some great suds. Our friend Ben and the bartender at Suds Bros. both told us about Moab and the arches of Utah. “You have to see it!” With only about 1600 kilometers left to Fernie, we decided we had lots of time for some sightseeing. Do not worry folks! We shared the taster and drove on safely.


Highway 128 in Utah provided a magical drive. The nature was spectacular, red, stunning and majestic. The road took us through to Moab, where the arches are located. They are so fantastic, Utah put one of them on their license plates. Utah’s nature seems to have fallen under the radar, but it should be beeping away! We loved our visit to Zion National Park when we drove South last year. The nature in Utah is fantastic and highly recommended for your next road trip.








After that we drove on and made it to Le Walmart just past Salt Lake City before we called it a day. Wrapped up in our sleeping bags and long sleeved shirts, we slept like babies inside our Honey’s womb. Or, inside our van, if you’d like. (The three of us have become slightly attached over the past 7 months!)


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