Back in Canada: Fernie!


After many months on the road, most of them in the tropics, we are back in the country of maple syrup, (ice) hockey, toques, Kokanee, “Eh”s, mountains, plains, mega-friendly people, red and black plaid shirts, poutine, Tim Hortons, Nanaimo bars, camp fires, beavers and bears – you guessed it: Canada!


We have some fun times ahead, meeting up with friends and family here and there. This weekend, we are in Fernie, BC, for our friend Cowboy’s stag party. Well, a little correction, Kyler is here for the stag party, I am staying at a hostel in town away from the man-party while keeping myself busy.

The weather is absolutely stunning, typical “påskevær” (easter weather) as we call it in Norwegian. I am cruising through one of Bill Bryson’s travel tales, go for coffee, walk around town and today I went cross country skiing. Kyler came with me, as he has taken a liking to this very Norwegian past-time activity. The rental skis were of the no-wax type, which make them not glide like I would like them to, but nothing could stop me from loving life outside in the sun!





Cross country skiing is (the?) one activity I am still better at than Kyler. He usually falls a time or two. I like to ski behind, so I can see it in all its glory (and snap a photo!).

When that’s been said, Kyler is also the one who often will win something. This time (like every time), he won “roll up the rim to win” at Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee, bagels and doughnut institution named after a former hockey star. Kyler won a doughnut and was very happy about that!

After skiing and lunch, I drove Kyler back to the man-house on the hill. The scenery is beautiful!


Tonight, a movie festival is on my schedule and tomorrow I will be rocking the slopes solo-style!

Wishing you all a fun weekend!


One thought on “Back in Canada: Fernie!

  1. ekobyrne

    There are lots of activities you are better at than Kyler! Drawing! Hammer throwing! Hand-writing anything on paper! I guess it sucks to win fewer donuts, but you could draw a comic strip about it sometime.

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