Solo in Fernie and a World Record!


While Kyler attended the stag party in Fernie, I easily entertained myself and …wait for it… set a World Record while I was at it!

Walking around town, I noticed that the Reel Film Fest was in town for the weekend. On opening night, the movie My Awkward Sexual Adventure was on and the director, Sean Garrity, was in attendance. The movie was highly entertaining, slightly awkward and very funny. I believe it will be in theatres soon. After the screening, the film festival hosted a get-together and chat with the director. Solo-me settled down and enjoyed the mozarello-tomato-basil nibbles and people watching.


Next on my program was a concert! Shane Philip, a one-man-band, who plays a mix of folk, reggae, blues and more. His sound reminds me of Australian Xavier Rudd. The bar where the concert took place was happening and I quickly made friends. Whether that was because my table was the best in the house or because I am a friendly person is unknown…!

The next day was spent on and down the hill! The sun was shining and the sky was as blue as can be. People from Northern countries are uniquely happy when the weather is great, and this was most definitely one of these days! I got talking to lots of friendly and different people in the ski lifts. I could rock down the hills in my own tempo and never had to wait in line for the lift. I had a blast!


And so did the guys! They dressed up our friend, Cowboy, in a red dress and themselves in yellow shirts and participated in a Chinese downhill, first man to the bottom. Cowboy won, Pete came in last, but he was the only one in his underwear at the base!


A local woman, I spoke with on the lift, told me that there was to be a World Record attempt at the shotski in the afternoon. I was not sure what the deal was, but decided that this could be my chance to set a world record and I would not let it pass.

I lined up aside 250 meters worth of skis with 539 other people. On top of each ski was 3 or 4 shot glasses and every single ski was attached to the next. Jägermeister sponsored the event, Guinness Book of World Records was on site to verify and we were ready to go. First, we all bent down and lifted up our part of the ski up to our waist. The glasses were filled. Then, on instruction, the big moment! We (all 540 of us!) lifted the mega-ski up to our chest, put our lips to the glasses and started the countdown. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-SHOTSKI! Great success and the record was ours! Yay!



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