239 Days Later: Back in Calgary


After exactly 239 days on the road, we made it back to where we started on August 14, 2012.

It has been an amazing journey so far. We have met friends and places we will love for life. We have been surfing, hiking, jumping, exploring, rafting, driving, camping, watching sunrises and sunsets, laughed, talked, crossed borders and had heaps of fun.
We have driven through what is considered some of the most dangerous areas in the world (Northern Mexico and Honduras) without having any bad experiences. Police and military along the way have been polite and friendly. No bribes have been paid. Locals have helped us when we needed it. We have tried our best to always be positive and smile to the world and have found that the world has smiled back to us. What a wonderful feeling!


We are back in Canada and will spend the next two-three weeks with family and friends here. The first stop was Calgary, where Kyler’s mom and brother live. We were greeted with a home cooked, delicious turkey dinner with all the fixings. Kyler’s uncle and two cousins were also in Calgary for Easter and we spent some quality time together playing games and bowling.


Our friends, Garrett and Ashley, play in a dodge ball league in Calgary. Tuesday night came around and we joined in on the five D’s of dodge ball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge. It was really fun and reminded us all of elementary school gym class.




2 thoughts on “239 Days Later: Back in Calgary

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    A fitting and joyful end to a great adventure in life. May you and Kyler have many more joyful adventures in the life you lead together! ……… and keep in touch with your friends. We love it! sally

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