New Wedding – Same Mountain


While on our road trip down to Panama, we knew we were going back for our great friends’ (Cowboy and Valerie) wedding at Kicking Horse, the same place Kyler and I tied the love-knot last July. It has been our deadline and something we would not want to miss out on! Cowboy and Valerie are keen skiers and planned for a ski wedding.

We rocked up in Golden, British Columbia on the Wednesday before the wedding and were lucky to stay with our friends, Pete and Leah. We got to know them last summer, since Pete was our marriage commissioner. Because of that, we have to pretend we really love each other around Pete;-) Pete and Leah have an awesome and funky house, showing their colourful personalities.


On Thursday, we hit the slopes and had an awesome day skiing. It was nice and warm, we stopped and kissed where we got married, we met friends and we cruised really fast. Pete and Leah have been lending us ski gear (skis, helmets, goggles – Thank you guys!) and we were able to pick up $25 ski boots from the rental shop – to keep! Nice deal.



Friday came around and we had work to do. In the morning of the wedding we were all going skiing in retro, fun, outrageous ski gear. We went for a bit of a combination and spent some time arts and crafting to put it all together… Kelty and Buckshot came in from Edmonton in the afternoon, Jammer was there and we all got together for a fun time along with Sacha from New Zealand.

Saturday morning, we jumped into our one pieces, tied our homemade capes on and made ourselves more stylish by adding tassels to our knees and elbows. We looked – and felt – like superheroes.


Kelty and Buckshot dressed up as Honey Badgers and got lots of attention. Thank you Garrett for providing us with style and grace.



As we were having fun super-hero-skiing, the wedding came closer. At 4:45 we boarded the gondola to the top! The wind had picked up and the gondola was sloooow. We started to worry about whether we would make it up in time. Slowly, but surely we made it up and just after six everybody was at the top and ready. After much back and forth, it was decided in the end to keep the ceremony outside. The wind had chilled out and the lighting was magical. It was a beautiful ceremony, full of love and happiness.



The dinner, the speeches and the party were all great. We had such a fun time!




Just before one, the party was over and we got on the gondola for the ride back down the mountain.


Thank you, Brent and Valerie, for an amazing time!


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