E-Town Time


Time has simply flown by here in Edmonton. Since last update, this is some of what we have been up to:

– High School Visit
Our friend, Teresa Jane (more commonly known as TJ or Teej) is an artist and art teacher. She invited us in to her creative zone and impressed us with her students’ work. It is really quite fascinating visiting a high school and having the students see you as an adult (because, really, we are not that grown up)! New term we picked up in high school: YOLO! = You Only Live Once!




– Meeting with the bank
What to do with some money? That is the question. Make it rain?

– Taking care of Honey
Honey has been performing like a boss and has deserved some sweet love. She is currently at the VW dealership getting a new starter switch.

– Art Show: Strangely Nameless
A local art uni’s graduating class showed off their skills. Teej, Kelty and I went to check it out.



– Party with Friends
Kelty and Justin hosted a great Saturday night party. Games with friends turned into dancing with friends. My favorite song of the week: Macklemore – Thrift Shop


– Family visits
Uncle Ron and cousin Dayne flew in from Vancouver and Arlene and Landon came up from Calgary to meet up with the rest of us in the Edmonton area.


– Taxes
Even people with no home (other than a van) must do their taxes.

-Prepping for he next Adventure!
In less than a week, we will be embarking on our next adventure: ALASKA! There will be all sorts of wildlife and challenges out there, so we are preparing ourselves. This includes acquiring the following: food, water, propane, wollen warm everything, bear spray, extra gas and so on.


– Planning for the next-next Adventure
After going back to Norway, we are doing a bike ride. A little 3000 km bike ride. It involves some planning (and mental prep), we have started. More on this trip later!


– Having Fun!
We have a few things to cross off our list, but life is really great!


3 thoughts on “E-Town Time

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    Be careful of crossing too many things off of your ‘to do’ life list. You have the rest of your life to get some things done…..

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