Curling is Fun!


What to do on a Saturday night? – Get your friends together and go curling!

The sport originates from Scotland and was brought over the pond to Canada with Scottish immigrants a long time ago.
It is the provincial sport of Saskatchewan and a favorite amongst old and young in the entire country. Canada has a history of performing well in every competition of curling. The game is played on sheets of pebbled ice. The premise is to slide granite rocks across the ice to the house at the other end. The house is an area with circles. You want your rocks to go in the middle of the red inner circle or as close to the middle as possible.



In spite of only having a couple clubs, Norway has done surprisingly well in the sport of curling. I strongly believe it is due to the style and confidence that come with their flashy pants. I put my fancy pants on, with a hope to perform.




The ice is slippery, but not as slippery as you might expect. This is due to the surface of the curling ice to have little (ice) pebbles. The rocks slide on top of these pebbles. By sweeping the ice the rock will slide further. One can also alter the direction of the rock, by sweeping to the side. You might have heard curlers scream “Hurry Hard!” This means for the teammates to sweep away! In order for yourself to slide on the ice, you put a slider on one foot and push with the other. The pros make all this seem easy and effortless. Although curling is a game for everybody, it is not quite as easy as it looks! No matter how you perform, it is fun!



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