Life on The Alaskan Highway


The Alaskan Highway starts in Dawson Creek in British Columbia and was built in only 8 months during World War II by the Canadian and the US armies.




The scenery is stunning, the wild life is abundant and there can be many, many kilometers between seeing people and cars. We have been making some great distance and are currently in Toad River, Northern BC. The stops along the way are priceless and we are having an absolute blast! We were worried we would struggle to find gas stations, but they are nicely laid out with appropriate distance in between- even if it is only one pump and the gas is $1.79 a liter. Still cheaper than Norway!





In Toad River, there is a cafe where they have been collecting hats since 1979. The current count is 8248!






Next stop is the Liard Hot Springs, that come highly recommended by several people we have spoken with. Wildlife photos, including two first time Kiri spottings, will be posted soon!


5 thoughts on “Life on The Alaskan Highway

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    have you read Michener’s ‘ALASKA’. It was just my favorite of his books, and would be a good thing to read on the road.

  2. David Vincent

    If you two get a chance, I will be driving up the Alaskan Highway and heading for SKEGWAY to catch the Alaskan Marine Highway down to Juneau. I was told that the GAS was scarce between stops. You said you had no problem. HOW FAR UP the Alaskan Highway have you gone? Hope to hear back from you… Captain David Vincent. If you can please answer directly to my e-mail address of:

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