A Couple Great Stops on the Alaskan Highway


The Alaskan Highway is beautiful, but also very long. Therefore, it is great that there is plenty to see and a couple great stops along the road. The Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park in Northern British Columbia is fantastic and is a must-stop (especially for the van campers who have not showered in a few days)!

Back in the day there used to be two pools, the Alpha and the Beta pool. Today, only the Alpha pool is open to visitors, as the Beta pool has been returned to the bears’ usage.



Since last year, the dock and bath house have been rebuilt. Even though it has been made very accessible for the public, it is still in a stunning and natural setting. The bottom of the pool is still a natural rock bottom and most of the rim is kept natural as well. The water is hot, hot, hot and feels cleansing and soothing. Highly recommended!





Just as we entered into the Yukon, we discovered the Sign Post Forest. It is located in the Yukon’s second largest town, which really is only a little strip of road, Watson Lake. The Sign Post Forest started out during the construction of the Alaskan Highway, by a worker who decided to personalize a sign he was repairing. According to the fool proof source of Wikipedia, he added a sign pointing home to his home town in Illinois. Since then more than 100,000 signs have been put up an visitors are welcome to add to the collection. There was plenty snow in Watson Lake, but we huffed it around. As the gas jockey said, “There sure is alot of snow, but you just gotta huff it around in there!”

Sign Forest

Sign Forest1

Sign Forest2



Sign Forest3


8 thoughts on “A Couple Great Stops on the Alaskan Highway

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    I hope you run into Kirsten and Brent on your travels in life. Obviously, you would have lots to talk about!

    • Thank you for checking out the blog. It’s very fun writing about our adventures. I go back and look at everything we have seen and done and appreciate it even more that way. The alpha pool was very inviting indeed!

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