Northern Safari


Our drive to Alaska was beautiful and we were lucky enough to see plenty of wildlife. Check out the ones we were able to snag photos of!

1. Moose in Sunset – King of the Forest
Towards the end of day one on our Northern Adventure, we encountered a lone moose. They are always surprisingly big. The crazy thing is knowing that they can get much bigger than this guy.

Safari Moose

2. Great Gray Owl
“Oh, my! Did you see that?” We turned around after seeing something big and staring from the road side treetop. It was an owl. One of the biggest owls around! I think he saw us too!

Safari Owl Stare

Safari Owl Fly

3. Lynx
Never before seen by us. We were as curious as the lynx appeared to be, as it was looking at us.

Safari Lynx

4. Bison
They are massive! By many people the bison is confused with the buffalo, or vice versa. They are not the same and the once in North America are apparently always bison. The baby bison are newborn and very cute.

Safari Bison Baby

Safari Bison Hill

Safari Bison Chillin

5. Deer
Cute and dangerously close to the road. It is still cold on the great, grand North and animals find the most food closer to the road, where the ground has been heated by the passing cars.

Safari Deer

6. Caribou
At certain parts of the road, we saw many of these wonderful animals. They loose their antlers every year, which is the reason why these do not have any at this time.

Safari Caribou on Road

Safari Caribou

We have also seen bald eagles and possibly a cougar. Our wonderful friend (and professional guide) Brent, has also pointed out several types of birds and taught us a great deal about the local flora and fauna. More on Alaska later!


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