Entering Alaska – The Last Frontier


The further North we were getting, the colder the nights were getting. When waking up, it did not seem tempting to cook up breakfast and coffee, so instead we drove on until we found it.

The Yukon Motel and Restaurant was the first stop, a mere 100km from our free roadside sleeping place. They provided us with some great people watching, bottomless coffees and scrambled eggs. As we were warming up and looking around, Kyler whispered to me: “I bet’ya that guy is Norwegian!” I tried to listen to the conversation, but was unable to. Yet, judging by his blond hair, body language and fashionable clothing, I agreed. We got talking to the group of three guys and as it turned out, he was in fact Norwegian! He is a snowboard pro who was on his way South from movie shooting in Alaska. His German friend was also a snowboarder and the third guy was their American movie maker. A pretty cool, little interaction.

1.Yukon Motel

Up until the Yukon, the weather had been pretty nice and the roads bare. As we were approaching the territorial capitol of Whitehorse, it started snowing and snowing.

2.Snowy Road

3.Welcome to Whitehorse

The sternwheeler SS Klondike is a famous landmark in Whitehorse. It represents a time when the city served as a hub for miners and their families as well as transportation of goods during the Gold Rush.

4.Klondike Ship Whitehorse

At the SS Klondike, we made a right turn to visit the Harwoods. Our friend Duncan, who lives in Oslo, is from the Yukon and his parents and siblings still live there. We were put in touch and they cooked up a great Yukon spread and let us spend the night in their warm, comfortable home. Yummy moose stew and a grand ol’ time!

5.The Wonderful Harwoods

As we were getting ready to leave in the early morning, we realized it had snowed all through the night. Who leaves for Alaska without an ice scraper? – We do! Good thing the Harwoods had something we could use! As their neighbors joked and wished us a “Merry Christmas!”, we drove off with Alaska in sight.

6.Shuffling Snow

7.Another Snowy Road

8.Gas Station Alaska Highway

Are you looking for a truck? See Walt!

9.For Sale

After many hours on the road, we had made it! Welcome to Alaska!

10.Welcome to Alaska

It stopped snowing and we had one of the most beautiful drives – EVER! We called our wonderful friend Brent from Glenallan and said we had made it to Alaska and that the drive had been incredible so far. All he said was: “Just wait, it’s getting better!” And it did!

11.Dancing Tullulah

12.Hop in Alaska


14.Glacier Close Up

15.Happy in Alaska




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