Keeners on the Kenai Peninsula


Our first destination in Alaska was Cooper Landing. It is a small place 160 km South of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. Cooper Landing has 289 registered residents (a number that explodes in the summer!) and is set in beautiful Alaskan nature at the confluence of the Kenai Lake and Kenai River. The drive from Anchorage is beautiful and the weather was still on our side.

1.Road to Kenai

2.Beautiful Scenes

In Cooper Landing, we finally met up with our friend, surfer and nature keener Brent! We met Brent in El Salvador in October/November on our way South and in March on our way North. It was strange and really fun to see each other in completely different surroundings with multiple layers of clothes on! Brent had organized for us to float down the Kenai River.

3.Keen Boaters

4.Floating on the River

5.Party Pack


A little ways down the river, John lives. When passing by Brent called for him and a very loud conversation ensued. “John, get in the boat!” John got out to shore and yelled back: “I can’t get in the boat, I have a wife and a dog!” “John, it’s you birthday. Get in the boat!” “Ok, I’ll get in the boat!”


What a fun day and great introduction to Alaskan life!


3 thoughts on “Keeners on the Kenai Peninsula

  1. Sally O'Byrne

    That’s where Terry goes fishing! We took a trip down the Kenai River, and we kept stopping for the keen fisherman to jump out and throw out their flies. I had fun just watching the view – but we never met John.

    • I had no idea that’s where he goes! We loved it there! Such a beautiful spot. We didn’t know of the guide book in time, but on the upside, we were hanging out with nature guides the whole time we were there. Great times!

  2. Sally O'Byrne

    There is a super trail guide for the Kenai, ‘Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing Trail Guide’, put out by the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game, published in 2007. I cannot find it online, but if you find a copy at a National Refuge office or a nature store of some sort, I highly recommend it. It describes about 65 places in the Kenai where you can see nature of some sort and describes access and what you will see at different times of the year. It was a very good resource.

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