The Alaskan Dream on Skilak Lake


The next stop on our Great Alaskan Adventure was a trip to a real, legitimate, no nonsense back country lodge. The lodge is located on Skilak Lake on the Kenai Peninsula and is surrounded by one million acres of designated wilderness! It is only accessible by boat and was built in the 1930’s as a hunting lodge. Today, it serves as a wonder-destination for people who want to experience true Alaskan beauty and wilderness. The season has not yet started, but knowing Brent, we were let into this little piece of paradise pre-season.

1.Skilak Lake

2.On our way to Skilak Lake

3.Sunset Drive

Our other friend, Jason or more commonly known as Tracer or T-Racer, is a carpenter and has been working out on the lodge for the past little while. T-Racer also spent parts of the winter in El Salvador, where we first met him. He looks Alaskan in every sense of the word. Hence, when he greeted us, it looked like he had walked straight out of the wilderness, which really is what he did. Also part of the weekend crew was J-Mac and Kevin. They both work for the same company as B-Rent and T-Racer and were happy to spend time at the lodge pre-season. Kevin spends his winters in Antarctica, where we works as a recreational guy for a camp of about 1000 Americans!

4.We are on a boat

As we arrived at the back country lodge, T-Racer is posing on the boat as the rest of us got engaged in a game of left-handed rock throwing. Try it!

5.The arrival

6.Backcountry Lodge

Being a glacial lake, Skilak Lake has a magical blue color. In addition to giving the water an amazing color, the glacier also causes it to be really cold. Like, really cold. We followed Brent’s instructions of no monkeying around in order to not fall in.

7.Kayak Skilak

8.Kayak Skilak Siri

9.Siri Kyler Kayak Skilak

10.Kayak Skilak Siri Brent

The monkeying around was saved for land.

11.Happy guys Skilak Lake

The lodge is a solid, log building with a cozy fire place. I made sure to teach everybody the Norwegian word “koselig”, because the time out at the lodge is true to the definition of koselig (=cozy, warm, friendly, comfortable).

12.Cozy Lodge


In Alaska you will see lots of plaid shirts, gum boots and facial hair.

13.Plaid Shirts

At the lodge, they have over time collected scat and put it in a box. Another word for scat is shit. In this box they have all different types of scat from different animals. We had a fun guessing game of what and who. The most interesting one is the one in the third row from the top, right. It was a wolf (or was it bear, Brent?) scat full of hair from eating a moose!

14.Skat Box

15.Inspect Skat Box

As the day was turning into night, we all went out and witnessed one of the most incredible sunsets you will ever see. The sun colored the entire sky bright orange and showed off the mountain range in the far distance in all its glory.

17.Sunset on Skilak Lake

Brent took us out on a hike and taught us all sorts of interesting things about lichens and eagles and trees and forest fires and skat and bears and wolfs. We encountered a scat and decided it could be a wolf scat. Brent found out it had little bones in it. How did he find out? He touched it!

18.Skilak Lake and trees

19.Juvenile Bald Eagle

Thank you guys for an amazing weekend!

20.Back to Shore


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