End of the Road – To Seward!


The Seward Highway took us to Seward, the end of the road on the Kenai Peninsula. Seward is a major fishing town bringing in up to 70 million dollars worth of fish a year. That is a lot of fish! It is located at the end of Resurrection Bay, where the surroundings are absolutely stunning. The sea and the mountains join forces for an unbeatable combination! For this reason, the town is also a major tourist hub. People often come with cruise ships in the summer and there are boat trips offered to the fjords and glaciers in the area. This is where Captain B-Rent comes in.

10.Mighty Nature

1.Seward Highway

2.Along Seward Highway

3.Seward Harbour

4.Keen in Seward

B-Rent is a boat captain for a company that will take visitors out to a lodge in the Kenai Fjords National Park, as well as picking up kayakers who have been on trips of various lengths. Unfortunately, we were visiting a bit too early in the season for a boat ride with the captain. Instead, we visited the ships in the ship yard. That is definitely a part of the Seward-Alaskan scene and we are always up for a new experience. Also, we are happy about keeping a great reason to come back to Alaska (in addition to Brent, of course)!

8.Weather or Knot

9.The Captain and his vessel

While the captain was working, Kyler and I went for a little excursion in the area. We drove on a really narrow road along the bay that took us out to Lowell Point. At the point, we went for a walk along the beach, saw a seal and simply enjoyed the beauty.


12.Nature Walk

Thereafter, we visited Seward’s Alaska SeaLife Centre, where we learned about life in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. On top of the smaller displays and posters, they had some bigger tanks with sea lions, seals and various fish and birds. Very interesting!

7.Sealife Center Puffins

6.Seward Sealife Center

At night, we walked the streets of Seward. I was particularly happy not to miss this decorated and festive, marine themed tree. We also walked to our chosen restaurant for the night, by the harbor, where we enjoyed a few fantastic fish meals. You know what they say: …when in Rome!

13.Alaskan Xmas Tree

Also, they have some great ales in Alaska. We could not not test a few!

14.Two beers or two hours

After Seward, we are turning around. Panama to Alaska and back and everything in between! That is one heck of a road trip! Thank you B-Rent for a great time!

15.We  made it

This is what the end of the road looks like.

16.Where to next


5 thoughts on “End of the Road – To Seward!

  1. ekobyrne

    That picture with the pick up truck and orange tree decorations creeps me out, but not ’cause of the truck or the trees.

  2. In love with Alaska now ^_^ what a trip you’ve been on, Panama to Alaska! How hard is it gonna be to go back to normality do you think? Mind you, you’ll have some AMAZING memories for months worth of daydreaming ^_^ [have not checked into your blog for a little while so guess all my comments are kinda randomly backwards/here there’n everywhere…..oops]

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