A Night at the Potter’s


On our way from Seward to Haines, we spent the last night on the Kenai Peninsula in Bird Creek about half an hour outside of Anchorage. B-Rent had told us about his friend, Peter, on several occasions and we initially stopped by to chat and have a look at his pottery. Peter is an incredible potter and we ended up buying two wonderful mugs, that will be our souvenirs and memory keepers from Alaska.

1.Peter Brondz Pottery

After chatting for a while, Peter invited us to park Honey the Van on his magical wilderness property for the night. He also tempted us with: “Tonight’s a sauna night!” and we decided to stay. The wood fired sauna was incredible and we had a great sleep under the trees. In the morning, we had coffee (in our new mugs) and Peter’s homemade bread.

2.Peter and Us

3.Honey's nestled in

Life is wonderful and the so are the people you meet along the road. Thank you Peter for the sauna, pottery, homemade bread and hospitality! Marathon driving day – Commence!

4.Bird Creek


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