Marathon Drive to Haines and an Alaskan Ferry “Cruise”


“Let’s catch that ferry!”

We had decided that we wanted to make it to Haines in order see the inside passage of Alaska from a boat. The ferries only leave once a week. That meant one serious day of driving. We are talking about 1250 km of driving in one long day. As always, we were keen and optimistic!


The drive was stunningly beautiful. The stretch from Anchorage to Glenallen was just as spectacular as it was in the opposite direction and is still most definitely on our top drives list!  Just as we were leaving this part of Alaska, somebody might have driven a little faster than the speed limit… That someone might have been me. A very friendly constable was not quite sure what to do with me and my Norwegian license and let me go: “Young lady, I am going to give you a major break today, mainly because your license is completely jacked up!” Phuuuuu!

Alaska has given us the most spectacular nature show you could imagine – and we only saw a little bit of it. We will be back!

1. Drive to Haines

2. Glacier Alaska

Left turn to Canada!

3. Canada That Way

The border crossings were all very easy. Since I had entered both the US and Canada not long ago, they let me keep on rolling with it. The roads through the Yukon were bare and in great condition compared to on our way North.

4. Drive Alaska

5. Drive Yukon

There is a family bathroom (and museum) in Kluane, in case you wondered! P.S.: Kyler thought this was too funny to pass up and turned to snap the drive-by photo.

6. Family Bathroom

As we made the turn towards Haines, we seemed to be the only vehicle on the road. Meanwhile, the conditions rapidly changed for the worse. At times, we only had the guide posts to help us locate the road. It was all white or blue. We drove very slowly and carefully, but at the same time, we had to keep some momentum in order to not get stuck in the snow. Very rough going!

7. Snowy Roads

8. Where is the road

We made it to Haines right around midnight and were very happy to transform Honey to sleep mode and go to sleep at the ferry dock. At 11:15 the next day, we were good to go.

9. We are on a boat

Our ferry “cruise” from Haines to Prince Rupert (in BC, Canada) was a fairly long ride from Thursday morning to very early Saturday morning. It was quite pricey at $730! That was only for ourselves and Honey. We slept between two rows of seats in one of the lounges. With the movements of the boat and very few passengers, we actually had some great sleeps on the floor!

10. Ferry Schedule

11. Alaska Marine Highway

12. Boat View

13. Boaters and keeners

We never felt threatened, but apparently there is a significant risk of attack!

14. Attack

At every port, we were able to go on land for a bit of time. The little time we had in Wrangell was very interesting since there was a First Nations festival happening. Several people arrived for the celebrations with the ferry we were on and we witnessed a traditional greeting between two tribes.

15. Wrangell

17. Hat Wrangell

18. Cape Wrangell

19. Smile Wrangell

16. The Vessel

20. Matanuska

22. Yes that way

23. Looking Around

24. Bye bye

We had a great time on the Alaskan Marine Highway, as the ferry line is also called. The weather was not the best, but we did get to see lower Alaska, and would not want to be without the experience!


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