Summer Arrived in British Columbia


The ferry arrived at Prince Rupert just after 1 am Saturday morning. We were asleep as the ferry reached the dock, but somehow woke up and were the last car off the boat. The Canadian border crossing was right as we were on dry land. Only a few minutes later, we were back in Canada! What a whirlwind of a trip to Alaska! We only drove a few hundred meters away from the ferry dock and went to sleep in Honey. When we woke up the next morning, the sun was shining and the temperature was up towards summer on the scale! Prince Rupert proved to be a very cute, little town.

1. Siri Prince Rupert

2. Kyler Prince Rupert

3. Siri Ky

From Prince Rupert we drove on to Terrace. The entire area is lush with green trees, the mountains are everywhere and there is water in one form or another everywhere you look.

4. BC Roads

5. Siri Rest stop

In Terrace, we joined the locals in initiating the camping season.

6. Camping

The next day, we decided to drive out to Kitimat. It is located at the end of the Douglas Channel, a deep water fjord. Kitimat was built in the 50’s because of finds of aluminum in the area. The road out there is beautiful and so was the day!

7. BC road shot

The welcome sign to Kitimat conveniently has a bench in front of it, so that you can sit down and take it in. The snow flake is made out of aluminum. “Kitimat” in the Tsimshian language refers to the Haisla First Nation as the “People of the Snow”, hence the snow flake.

10. Ky Kitimat

The town of Kitimat itself is located a little bit up on the hill. The waterfront properties have (unfortunately) been occupied by the aluminum plants.

8. Kitimat Alu PLants

9. Siri Ky Kitimat

After our little visit to Kitimat, we continued on deeper into British Columbia. BC is really great for visiting with several visitor centers and informative maps and folders. This lumberjack was located by one of the visitor centers.

11. Ky Lumberjack

And so was this ice cream trailer.

12. Siri Ice Cream

You would think we would have tried this before, the timer jumping shot. But no, this was the very first time!

13. First Ever Timer Jump Shot

14. Evening Glow

Our last night in BC, we took a right turn on a forestry road and found this cozy spot in between all the trees.

15. Overnight Spot

For lunch the next day, we took another random turn and found a wonderful and very peaceful little spot. It was not too far off the road, but nobody else came and we therefore had it all to ourselves. The temperature was pushing 30 degrees Celsius and we loved taking it in!

16. Cooking Lunch

16. Lunch Spot

The journey continued towards the Rocky Mountains. The tallest Canadian Rocky Mountain, Mount Robson, greeted us welcome.

17. Mount Robson

18. Mount Robson and trees


4 thoughts on “Summer Arrived in British Columbia

  1. ekobyrne

    Is that RPRETIVE CENTER an Interpretive Center? It would seem so yet if that were true I don’t know why Kyler is so calmly singing and not DANCING?! Sigh. I’m a little disappointed.

  2. Amazing pics of the scenery! and love seeing you guys goofing around, you look like such a cute couple ^_^ Also love the way you casually write about *driving through the Rocky Mountains*!!!??? in a VW!!!!???? with what looks like perfect weather!!!??? Some guys have all the luck ❤

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