Shower, Hikes and Fun in Jasper


Our first night back in Alberta after our Alaskan Adventure, was spent in Honey in Jasper. We rolled in fairly late and parked in town by the railroad. Nobody bothered us and we were in great company (Check out the other VW in the back)!

1.Honey Sleeping

The next day, we got up early and researched our hiking possibilities. The hike around Mina Lake is a 9 km or so loop from town. The weather was stunning and so was the hike. After doing this loop, we decided we wanted more! We continued on from town, across the river and walked all along it to Jasper Park Lodge and back to the highway. At that point, we had hiked over 20 km, it was hot and we were starting to get low on water and decided to put our thumbs out. The first car that came by stopped for us and a loving park ranger drove us back to Jasper!

2.Mina Lake

3. Hiking

4. Looking at the Sun

5. Keen Hikers

You know you are in Canada when you see a complete street hockey set up like this one!

6. Street Hockey

After a number of days, like, too many, without access to a shower, we were in dire need of one. We decided to splurge a little and went to Pyramid Lake outside Jasper where we had booked a room for the night.


7. Pre Shower

So fresh and so clean, clean:

8. After Shower

The view from our room was amazing. We cooked up dinner, moved the table and chairs outside and dined romantically. We were also able to take care of some business – sometimes it is nice to have internet for longer than the time you can spend at McDonals’s or Tim Horton’s!

9. Pyramid Lake view

10. View

After the second shower in two days, we were ready to leave and start the beautiful drive from Jasper to Banff, The Icefields Parkway.

11. Departure


2 thoughts on “Shower, Hikes and Fun in Jasper

  1. Bryanne Wood

    I have been following your blog since my friend Audrey (Kyler’s aunt) alerted me to it, and I have been enjoying it immensely. I have especially loved the photos in which one or both of you manage to leap in the air while adopting an eyes-wide-open, beautifully toothy grin!

    I am particularly drawn to hearing of your adventures because I was staying in Golden when you got married there! We watched your procession when you were accompanied by mariachis, but sadly, I didn’t focus on your guests, several of whom I would have recognized.

    Audrey and I figured out (a few days later, obviously) that we had stayed in the same building as she and Dave, even on the same floor! And yet – SO too bad – we didn’t meet…I still can’t believe that we wouldn’t have run into each other. 😦
    Bryanne Wood (Calgary)

    • Hi Bryanne! Thank you for following the blog and leaving a comment! It is always fun getting feedback from our readers. I remember Audrey talking about you and how strange it wasthat you did not run into each other at Kicking Horse. She said you thought our wedding was a Mexican one. I can see why! 🙂 We have had such a great adventure so far and are excited to keep it going over in Europe. Stay in touch! Cheers, Siri and Kyler

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