Last Weekend in Canada – For Now


We spent our last weekend in Canada – for now – in Banff. The occasion was originally the Banff Food and Wine Festival, but as it turned out it was also the fabulous weather, hikes, friends and family. That being said, we also enjoyed our share of food and wine!

We started the weekend out on Thursday, meeting up with Landon and Arlene, Kyler’s brother and mother. It was Landon’s birthday, so we all went out and had a lovely dinner in the sun and enjoyed some morning walking the following day.

1. Walk inBanff

2. Arlene and boys

The morning walk was followed by an afternoon walk with our wonderful and newly-wed friends, Cowboy and Valerie. Their babies, Ballzy and Nola, came along. We drove up to Lake Minnewanka by Banff. It is a glacial lake and means “Water of the Spirits” in Nakoda. It was another beautiful day, so beautiful in fact, we decided to even go for a swim in the lake! Yes, it was cold – but also amazingly refreshing!

3. Minnewanka

4. The Tour Team

5. Beach Lake Minnewanka

6. Beautiful Day Lake Minnewanka

7. Lake and Mountain

The next day, more people had come in to Banff and we were a good group. A few of us decided to go for a hike up Tunnel Mountain. It is a rather easy hike, but offers grand views of the town of Banff and the Bow River Valley.

8. Tunnel Mountain Hike Banff

9. Siri Kyler Tunnel Mountain


10. Tunnel Mountain View

Proud dad with his sons:

11. The Men

12. Banff View

13. The Gang

The Food and Wine Festival was a great success followed by good times at the Dancing Sasquatch Nightclub, as shown below!

The Party


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