Northern Safari Part 2


As our road trip is coming to an end, let me present part 2 of our Northern Safari!

More Moose!
We ended up seeing a few moose on our adventure. They are such peaceful and pretty creatures. This one was casually walking across the road. As it got to the snow on the other side, it did not look quite as cool. He kept sinking in the snow and struggling to move on. Quite a fun little sighting for us.

1. The moose

The Bald Eagle
On one of our stops along the ferry cruise, we saw this bald eagle taking in its surroundings. We saw quite a few bald eagles in Alaska. They are easy to spot with their white (not actually bald) heads, large wingspan and their easy way of flying or hanging in the air. Did you know that female bald eagles are larger than the males?

2. Bald Eagle

3. Bald Eagle

The Bear and a Cub
After who knows how many kilometers of driving, we finally spotted a bear near Terrace, BC! It was a brown black bear and her cub eating alongside the road. At first, we did not see the cub, as the mama-bear was protecting it. They eventually became curious and peeked above the tall grass.

4. The Bear

5. The Bear

6.The Bear

7. The Bear and a Cub

8. The Bear and a cub

9. The bear and a cub

The Squirrel
Perhaps not the wildlife sighting that provides us with the most cred, but anyways, these guys are abundant and pretty cute really.

10. Squirrel

Elks are plentiful around Jasper. They are known to wander around town and do not seem to mind people. This makes for tourists coming up close to take their photos, unaware of the fact that they can attack! We have a decent lens on our camera and kept our distance as we were able to photograph this smiling elk.

11. Elk

12. Elk

13. Elk smiling

Oh wildlife spotting! So much fun!


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