The Super Intense Recreational Invitational (SIRI) 2013


This past Monday was my birthday! I love birthdays and my incredible husband knows this all too well. He also knows that I love competitions and therefore invited friends and family to the Super Intense Recreational Invitational 2013!

We started out by putting a cape on me and forming two teams to compete for the trophy, Siri’s Well-Traveled Golden Shoe.

The Caping

Meet the Good Guys:
1. The Good Guys

Meet the Bad Guys:
2. The Bad Guys

The coveted Siri’s Well Traveled Golden Shoe:
3. The Trophy

The competition consisted of 9 different events.

1. Disc Golf
In disc golf, the aim is to get the disc in the basket in as few attempt as possible. We improvised the basket and used a grill tray, but it worked well. The total throws of all players was added up and the team with the least throws got the point.
Good Guys 0
Bad Guys 1

4. Freesbe

2. Knipsekopp
Knipsekopp means flick cup. The point of the game is for the person on one side of the table to flick a coin into the cup held by his teammate on the other side of the table. It was a timed event in which the first team to have each player flick and catch first wins!
Good Guys 0
Bad Guys 2

5. Knipsekopp

3. Kubb
Kubb is a popular Scandinavian summer yard game. It consists of several wooden pieces. Some of these are throwing sticks, some of them are throw at sticks and the so-called king stick. The premise is to hit them all.
Good Guys 1
Bad Guys 2

6. kubb

7. kubb nadia

8. kubb siri

9. kubb justin

10. kubb celebration

4. Swing n’ Dip Carrot Kook
Tie a carrot to the end of a string, tie the string to another string or rope or belt. Place a little glass on the floor and maneuver the carrot into the glass after rotating three times. This is really fun and can be quite difficult!
Good Guys 1
Bad Guys 3

11. Carrot dip

12. jasper carrot dip

13. jammer carrot dip

5. Ring Toss
From a pre-decided distance, toss a hula hoop onto one of your teammates. Every person on the team has to throw and receive the ring. Timed event.
Good Guys 2
Bad Guys 3

6. Hacky Sack Team Event
Count the total number of hacky sack moves within the team in three attempts.
Good Guys 2
Bad Guys 4

7. Rock, Paper, Scissors War
You all know the premise. Rock beats paper, paper beats rock, scissors beats paper and so on. We all know the card game War. Combine the two and you get Rock, Paper, Scissors War! When a tie occurs, additional players are brought into the ring and the winner takes them all! We had so much fun, that we played it twice!
Good Guys 3
Bad Guys 5

14. War

16. War

17. war group

8. Team Tennis
One team at a time plays. The team splits up in two and must keep the tennis ball in the air the longest by passing on the racket after hitting.
Good Guys 4
Bad Guys 5

18. tennis

15. Team circle

9. Three Legged Race turned into another Carrot Dip
It was getting dark and the planned three legged race turned into another game of dipping the carrot. It was just as fun as the first time! The Good Guys won this round and made the final score 5-5!
Good Guys 5
Bad Guys 5

19. well done

The prizes in the Gold Box consisted of many random items from when we cleaned out Honey. This includes, but is not limited to, a yoga mat, insect repellent, cat sunglasses, a feather, a small cactus, Mexican cds, candles, hand sanitizer, games, tools, stickers and rope.

20. Gifts and Trophy

22. prizes

21. Group Shot

The games were followed by cake, singing and good times! I am older and could not be happier!

23. Thanks!


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